Modern Plating Corporation is ISO 9001-2015 registered and our Quality Lab is accredited through NVLAP -- the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program which  provides third-party accreditation to testing and calibration.

Modern Plating’s Quality Lab is NVLAP accredited to perform the following tests:
  • Corrosion:

    Salt Spray testing per ASTM B117
    3 certified salt spray chambers.   We test as required for PPAP upon customer request and each process from each production line on a weekly basis.

  • Torque Tension & Coefficient of friction testing

    Ford Motor WZ100 and WZ101
    General Motors GM9064P

  • Coating Thickness

    X-Ray per ASTM B568
    Eddy Mag per ASTM B499

  • Adhesion

    Per ASTM B571

Other Capabilities
  • Alloy percentages are confirmed by X-Ray on every order
  • Capability to perform analysis for presence of hex chrome.
  • Incoming inspection is performed on all product to verify it matches the purchase order.
  • Capable of providing certifications for Salt Spray, Plating, Thickness, Alloy percentages, Adhesion, Torque Tension.

Featured Finishes Gallery

Acid Zinc - Black Trivalent Chromate
Alkaline Zinc - Black Trivalent Chromate
Alkaline Zinc - Clear Chromate
Alkaline Zinc - Clear Chromate
Alkaline Zinc - Clear Chromate
Geomet 321
Sharperize Zinc Nickel Black
Tin Zinc Clear
Zinc Plus3 ZN Clear
ZincKlad 250
ZincKlad 500 Zinc Iron Black
ZincKlad 500 Zinc Iron Clear
ZinKlad 1000 Zinc Nickel Black
ZinKlad 1000 Zinc Nickel Clear Nut

ISO 9001 NVLAP Aqua Certification