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Modern Plating Corporation Approved By GM for GMW4700 Trivalent Zinc Nickel Finish

Freeport, IL:   Modern Plating Corporation announced today that the company has been approved by General Motors as an applicator for the GMW4700 Type B Code G high corrosion resistant trivalent zinc nickel finish in both black and clear.
Modern’s zinc nickel finish virtually eliminates the recess fill, thread fill, stuck washers, and touch marks common with other finishes that meet the high performance requirements of the GMW4700 specification.  Parts processed to the GMW4700 black specification are a uniform, semi-glossy black in color. Parts finished to the GMW4700 clear specification are semi-bright silver in color. Modern’s finish exceeds the GMW4700 performance
specifications in salt spray testing which require no white corrosion at 240 hours, and no red corrosion at 1,000 hours.  The finish is also free of hex chrome.
Modern uses chemistry from MacDermid, Inc. developer of the ZinKlad family of finishes,and this finish is another in the line of ZinKlad finishes being offered by Modern.  Modern is an approved applicator for ZinKlad 96/250 (trivalent zinc), ZinKlad 500 (trivalent zinc iron) and ZinKlad 1000 (trivalent zinc nickel).  
Modern Plating is a 74-year old company specializing in electroplating for the transportation and other major industries.  Superior Coatings & Finishes, llc, Elizabethtown, KY, is an affiliate of Modern Plating Corporation. More information can be found at the company’s website: www.modernplating.com or by contacting John Nordlof, Sales Manager atjohn.nordlof@modernplating.com.

ZinKlad is a registered trademark of MacDermid Incorporated. 

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