Trivalent Zinc

Modern Plating now offers a full range of trivalent chromate finishes (Chrome III) in clear, yellow and black for zinc, and in clear and black for Zinc-Nickel, Zinc-Cobalt, and Zinc-Iron. Tin-Zinc is available in a clear trivalent finish. (See reverse side for current specifications and availability). These chromates are hexavalent chrome (Chrome VI) free and meet the more stringent requirements of today’s international automotive specifications.

Trivalent chromates are also ideal for use in non-automotive applications where it is desirable to eliminate hexavalent chrome and/or achieve the improved performances offered by these finishes.

Why Trivalent Chromates?
Hexavalent chrome (Chrome VI) is a known carcinogen and, even though it is used in very minute quantities in chromates, it’s use is being eliminated by automotive companies throughout the world. Modern Plating has worked with the world’s leading chemical manufacturers in the development of Modern’s line of trivalent chromates to insure the availability of finishes that will meet our customers’ needs both today and in the future.

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ClearMax III


ClearMax III is Modern’s clear/blue trivalent chromate. This chromate can be used in conjunction with various topcoats and waxes to meet a wide variety of performance requirements.

GoldMax III


GoldMax III is Modern’s yellow trivalent chromate. The yellow color is achieved by dying the parts after application of the ClearMax III trivalent chromate. Unlike hexavalent yellow chromates (dichromate), the yellow trivalent finish does not offer improved corrosion protection when compared to the clear trivalent finish. Yellow trivalent chromate should only be specified when the color is required for identification or cosmetic purposes.

BlackMax III


BlackMax III is Modern’s black trivalent chromate. It provides a consistent black finish and can be used in a variety of applications.


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